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Military Paperwork
Discharge Papers

We have decided to add this page to our website, in hopes that this will help prepare you.

Your military papers - the "DD-214" - aka Discharge papers are VERY important! A veteran CANNOT receive the benefits he or she is due without this document!

It is very disturbing to us and very sad when a family is in need of our assistance - and is wishing to receive a flag, or to get a military grave marker or any burial benefits, including burial in a state or national cemetery - only to find they do not have a copy of the veteran's DD-214.

It normally takes 4 weeks or more for us to get a copy from the National Archives.

You may get a copy of the DD-214 on line (free of charge) by clicking here.
You must be able to print the document, then fax it in to them within a week.

Please, if you need help, feel free to come to the funeral home and let us help you!
There is NO CHARGE!

Don't wait until it's too late! ............. Because without your DD-214 ............. we cannot order a flag ............. we cannot order your military grave marker ............ we cannot assist you with any burial benefits ............. and you cannot be buried in a state or national cemetery!

Below is a sample of what a DD-214 looks like. Note at the bottom left corner of the sample it states Form DD 214. This form contains all the information we need to assist you.

We hope this has been helpful to you!

Respectfully yours,

The Staff at Family Services Funeral Parlor